About Equity

Equity is defined as the act of being just and fair. As our core values establish, this is exactly what we do; to be equitable in all of our dealings.

Equity is ranked in the Top 1% of Real Estate Brokerages nationwide and has been an innovator in the industry and a supporter of Realtor rights. We have enjoyed a special mutually beneficial relationship with our Agents from the day EQUITY REAL ESTATE® first opened its doors in 2002 forward; a relationship that has positively impacted our business structure and offering every step of the way. When we bring on a Managing Broker, they are people who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of the Agents under their supervision. Our Managing Brokers are mentors, coaches, educators, and advocates who truly work for a better future for all EQUITY REAL ESTATE® Agents every day. We've risen to the top by keeping our promises and exceeding the expectations of our Agents! We are Uniquely Different, Simply Better!

In a Nutshell

We've seen the competition adjusting to the model we began with and we commend them on seeing what the future of Real Estate is. Inevitably, we learn that while the surface of those waters look the same, underneath we are still the only brokerage that is doing what we do best: truly offering the excellent levels of full-service you deserve while keeping your brokerage expenses more than reasonable.

No where else in the industry are your transaction fees as cut and dry and no where else will you receive so many free amenities to help you not only make a living, but achieve a really exciting lifestyle.

Equity Headquarters

Equity is based in Sandy, Utah. The office is located in the eastern portion of the city of Sandy in an area known as Union Heights, with a beautiful view of the Wasatch Mountains and the Salt Lake Valley. We're eager to meet those interested in working with Equity so drop on by any time.

Union Heights Building

1218 E. 7800 S.
Suite 150
Sandy, Utah 84093

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Equity's Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

At Equity, we live up to the definition of our name. We strive to be just and fair in all of our dealings, to work honestly with those who have integrity and maintain similar values, and to share our equitable offerings with all of our agents and brokers.

Action & Innovation

We don't sit still. Especially when it comes to innovating new and helpful programs, systems, and resources for our team of real estate agents and brokers. This value has allowed us to become a leader in the Real Estate industry.

Stability & Longevity

We've been around since 2002 and we're still growing. Equity was the first of its kind and though there are many copycats, not one of them has managed to match our strengths and offering.


To provide an affordable, incredible vehicle for real estate brokers' and real estate agents' success with unparalleled services, resources, and tools while always adhering to our Core Values and being an active force for good in the lives of Realtors, communities, and the world. To provide access to this vehicle throughout the whole of the nation by establishing a solid, stable, and engaged presence in all fifty states. To be the largest, most influential brokerage in the industry for the sake of our Agents. To always be equitable in all of our dealings and to never forget our roots.


We will always provide our team of real estate agents with the inspiration for success and the aspiration to accomplish their goals by being well established in every state, providing the ultimate suite of tools and resources, and continuing to give back on every level. We will never lose sight of the importance of our agents' and brokers' success and will always look for ways to empower them through innovation and action. We will achieve a minimum membership of 100,000 Real Estate Agents and be firmly established with at least a 10% market share in all 50 states.

Equity Executive Officers and Leadership Team

Jared Blank

Company Owner & Chief Information Officer

Jared joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2014 and provides the company over a decade of real estate sales, management, and ownership experience. He has extensive history working with technologies both in and out of the Real Estate sector. Jared has owned his own company since 2001 consulting with small businesses as well as multi-million dollar corporations in systems design, integration, implementation and maintenance. Jared has held the titles of Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, among others, and has helped improve the profitability of branches in companies such as Century 21 Real Estate, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Proagentwebsites.com through his leadership, systems design and implementation, marketing, and sales expertise.

Prior to joining EQUITY REAL ESTATE®, Jared worked as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Proagentwebsites.com where he was responsible for expanding the current client base and expanding their reach Nationwide; at Century 21 Real Estate he was in charge of the design, creation and implementation of brokerage systems of operation, marketing materials, and lead generation systems.

Lance Card

Company Owner & Chief Marketing Officer

Lance joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2014 and provides the company over two-decades of marketing and design experience. He has extensive history working with small business models as well as multi-million dollar corporations in business management, design, and marketing. Mr. Card has held the titles of creative director, art director, and marketing manager, among others, and has helped improve the profitability of companies such as Heritage Web Design, Lucid Raven Productions, Interactive Designs, and Bluehost through his leadership, business management, marketing, and design expertise.

Prior to joining EQUITY REAL ESTATE®, Lance worked as the owner of Wise Owl Creative Agency, LLC.; for Bluehost in User Interface and User Experience design where he was instrumental in increasing the company’s NPS score by 14%; HIT Web Design where he led and managed five fulfillment departments while increasing overall production by 250%; at Lucid Raven Productions he was in charge of the creation and implementation of marketing materials as well as product development for a product that received numerous award nominations across the nation.

Lance holds a degree in Business - Marketing Management from Western Governors University.

Erik Cooley

Company Owner and CEO

Erik Cooley joined Equity in 2014 and provides 25-years of financial management and business leadership experience. He is a proven competitor with a solid record of achievement and leadership. He is very effective and innovative when problem-solving with numerous demonstrated results to his credit. He has a global perspective with a unique ability to strategize and then implement accordingly. Through his diverse business experience and education, Erik brings an in-depth understanding of leadership, business process, financial management, and marketing.

Erik has been responsible for all aspects of business through his career. He has been one of the owners and the Chief Operating Officer of FATPOT Technologies LLC, the inventors of industry-leading integration software for police, fire, and homeland security agencies. He has been responsible for the successful generation of a $45 million revenue goal as the leader of one of Franklin Covey's largest divisions. In addition, he has been the Vice President of Marketing for several companies during which time he was responsible for various successful data integrations and CRM implementations. As a finance manager at Hewlett Packard, Erik was also responsible for managing millions of budget dollars. In addition he developed several management tools and processes for which he received nomination for the Hewlett Packard "Best Practices" award. His creativity and critical thinking led to innovations that saved millions of dollars for these companies every year.

Erik has earned an MBA from the University of Utah with an emphasis in marketing and a Finance degree from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.

Tony Ketterling

Company Owner & Broker/Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Advantage

Tony joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2010 having previously owned a RE/MAX brokerage. Mr. Ketterling provides over two decades of experience, willingly passing on his knowledge to agents within the company. He loves teaching and mentoring, and teaches real estate agents how to build their business through proven techniques. Tony's branch, EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Advantage, is one of the largest branches in Utah as well as within the company.

Eric Lee

Vice President of Education, Company Owner, Broker/Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - North, and Regional Designated Broker for Utah

Eric joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2004 and was the first branch broker for the company. He opened the first physical location for the company in Clearfield, UT, and since has opened branches in Logan, UT and Ogden, UT. As the company was in its fledgling state, it had no accommodations for new agents. After some research into existing training programs, Eric decided to cut through the hype and create a no-nonsense training program at little to no cost to the agents. This three-month long program gives agents all they need to build a thriving real estate career with simple steps to take each week to build their business. Over the years Equity has been able to provide this program completely free of charge to our agents. It's helped agents become Rookie of the Year, get featured on the NAR magazine, and is always being updated by Eric to provide agents with the latest in keeping their business sharp and focused.

Prior to joining EQUITY REAL ESTATE®, Eric graduated from USU with a degree in Human Resource Management. He then worked in upper management for Wal-Mart and a local staffing company before being introduced to the lending industry. Five-years of mortgage lending led him to real estate and he has never looked back. He loves being a Realtor® and a Broker/Trainer for Equity's agents. He recalls when he got his broker's license in 2005 mentioning to Brady Long (Equity's owner) that he was considering opening his own brokerage. Brady's response was, "Can I ask what you would want to do different?" After Eric's response, Brady said, "I don't see why we can't do that here." Equity has built this brokerage on that precept. If there's something good out there, we want to provide it to our agents at little to no cost. We stay in tune with our agents with surveys for every transaction. We read every one of these! Our goal is to be the best brokerage--no exceptions!

Troy C. Peterson

Company Owner & Broker/Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Solid

Troy joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2007 previously having been with Stonebrook Real Estate, Inc. and Wardley Better Homes & Gardens Realty. Mr. Peterson began his real estate career in 1995 and quickly became one of Utah's Top Real Estate Agents. In 2003 he became an Associate Broker, running one of Salt Lake City's largest producing offices. Troy's branch, EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Solid, is currently the largest branch in Utah, and the largest in the company.

Troy maintains an active real estate career in addition to his duties as a Branch Broker and Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE®. He specializes in all types of real estate and provides the company with a massive amount of experience. Mr. Peterson has also served as a director, Treasurer, and President with the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®. He has also served as a director for the Utah Association of Realtors®.

Todd Schuster

Company Owner, Broker/Owner of Equity Colorado Real Estate, and Regional Designated Broker of Colorado

Todd joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2009 when he and his wife, Stacey, opened the Colorado market for the company. Mr. Schuster proved the model outside of Utah by growing his brokerage to one of the larger real estate businesses in the state of Colorado. Prior to Equity, Todd was a Broker Associate with RE/MAX and a Manager/Sales Trainer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. The Schusters maintain a very successful real estate business along with their branch operations.

Mr. Schuster attended Portland State University with a degree in Business and Finance. Todd is very active in the world of Real Estate and is currently serving as President of his local Board.

Randy Smith

Company Owner & Broker/Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Results

Randy Smith is one of ten owners of EQUITY REAL ESTATE®, a Utah-based real estate brokerage that serves over 3,200 agents in 18 states. He also owns and manages his own branch in American Fork Utah, where he oversees roughly 170 agents. Randy has been in the real estate business since 1992 and a broker since 1995.

Randy loves giving back to the community and the profession. Throughout the years he has served in many leadership capacities on the local, state and national level, culminating as the President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS where he was also named their "REALTOR of the Year" a few years back. He currently serves on the Boards of Directors for the Utah Association of REALTORS, and the National Association of REALTORS.

Randy lives in Highland Utah with his beautiful wife, Christina. They are the parents to 4 children and one grandchild, with #2 on the way.

Steve Stringham

Company Owner, Broker/Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Select, and Regional Designated Broker of New Mexico

Steve Stringham graduated from Weber State University in 1999 with a Bachelors degree in Technical Sales with a Finance emphasis. His formal education has proved to be a solid foundation for the sales success he has achieved. Steve joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2006. In 2007 he was awarded the "Top Selling Agent" for Equity. He successfully closed 56 transactions & over $12,000,000.00 of Real Estate with Equity in his first full year with the company. He was also awarded the "2007 Rookie of the Year" award by the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®. Steve still enjoys strong sales success and has a passion for helping others find success. Mr. Stringham's branch, EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Select, is one of the top Equity branches.

Randall Wall

Company Owner & Broker/Owner of EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Premier Elite

Randall Wall joined EQUITY REAL ESTATE® in 2014 as a real estate agent. He was quickly persuaded to become a broker when his love for the company became evident through the constant stream of agents he was recruiting to local Equity branches. Randall's branch, EQUITY REAL ESTATE® - Premier Elite, is one of the largest in the company and he continues to enjoy a great deal of real estate success through his investing.

Mr. Wall's investing experience began in the 1980's. He has an extensive background in business having served as the Chairman of the Board for a financial institution, a director for the Utah Board of Realtors®, and CEO of several corporations. Randall also has the distinction of being the longest serving president of the largest investor association in Utah and one of the largest in the nation.

Randall has trained investors, agents, and business people all over the U.S., Greece, Italy, Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain, and other places throughout the world as well as having been featured in CEO and additional magazines over 20 times in multiple languages. Mr. Wall is also an ardent philanthroper and heads up Equity Charities which does work all around the world. Randall and his wife also work hard in Nepal to end many of the disparities women still face there.

Mr. Wall also speaks Spanish and German.